Qsee is an AI personal QC Assistant to tests product quality over production

Qsee, as your AI-powered QC assistant, will learn your product over the production line and will do all the tedious tests to ensure good product quality control.

How it works

You have a specific product over a specific production line for which you want to do quality control

Qsee will ask you some questions and request certain information from you

Qsee will learn and become your QC assistant on your specific product

You can ask Qsee to learn other products as well

Your Values

  • Why did your product have poor quality?
  • What is the most important parameter?
  • What would be the optimal values to use in production?
  • Where is the bottleneck?


Improve Yield

Improve your yield

Lower Cost

IT and operational cost and free your QC team to focus on other tasks.

Unlimited scalability

For any product on any production line.


Invite different team members to share.

API Access

Secured API to your data. Share it with other systems.


Fully secured and


Notify on different scenarios.


Get a full view of your performance.


Get full reports per product per line.

We are here to improve product quality

That's what we think and do.

The first company to apply deep learning to production QC, Qsee has a growing team that consists of the best brains in the analytics, cloud fields and production methods. We have a casual and fun environment that allows our thinkers torack their brains and come up with big ideas on Quality Control. We're zealous about our service so we build our business through passionate and loyal customers.